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We craft timeless brands that emotionally connect with the target audience, leaving a lasting legacy in a crowded market.

our mission

"Our mission is to empower brands to not just exist in the market but thrive with enduring value."

Klaudia Bacinska, Co-Founder

our mission

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At quirk+quill we use a psychologically rooted framework called “PIA” to shape & establish new & existing brands.

Our unique creative framework - “PIA”, uses the three graces to curate a brand: personality, identity, and authenticity:

+ personality

Every brand has its own quirk. Defining the brand personality shapes a strategic narrative so that your brand can communicate with your audience more coherently. 

+ identity

It’s not all about the looks, but timeless design does have its perks. Shaping your brand visual persona sets the brand identity, dressed to impress your target audience. 

+ authenticity

An authentic brand is one that stays true to its values. The authenticity pillar sets out a long term marketing & brand strategy to enable your brands growth journey.


our vision

"Our vision is to craft legendary brands and empower businesses to grasp the impact of effective branding."

Justyna Kaminska, Co-Founder

Really Pixilated Graces.jpg

Ready to add a quirk to your quill?

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