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brand development + identity redevelopment + personality redevelopment + website design + brochure design + marketing strategy

abSKIN, a premium cosmetic brand specialising in natural and organic skincare products, needed to develop its existing brand so that it is better poised for its target consumer.

The challenge was twofold: quirk+quill needed to incorporate the existing branding - found on products - whilst updating its identity and personality, so that it better reflects its target market.The project required updating the existing website with the new personality and identity, but needed to adhere to the constraints of the current website CMS. With a restricted budget and time constraints, our task was to elevate the brand within these parameters.

q+q revamped the brand personality, ensuring alignment with the existing product branding. We then modernised the brand identity and crafted a new brand guide tailored to resonate with the target audience. Leveraging the existing website architecture, we seamlessly integrated the newly developed personality and identity while enhancing the user experience wherever possible.

In just 2 weeks, q+q successfully delivered a refreshed brand identity that honored the brand's roots yet brought it into the modern era.

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