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& Rose

brand development + identity development + personality development + e-commerce website design + brochure design + video

Baroque & Rose (B&R) is a luxury lifestyle brand offering unisex, organic, vegan, sustainable and cruelty free skin care products. The client needed to enhance its brand & online presence to better connect with its global audience. 

The challenge: B&R required a brand overhaul to address inconsistencies in its identity and personality, securing a stronger immersive brand experience.

q+q delved into B&R's personality, defining user personas to outline the strongest direction for the brand narrative. We clarified brand values and crafted a new brand story, allowing us to revise all existing content, including the website, bringing the new brand personality to life.

Next was the brand identity, where q+q addressed inconsistencies and set a new direction for the brands colour palette and visual assets. This new and cohesive visual brand language aimed to uniform and capture B&Rs unique & luxurious products.

q+q redesigned B&R's e-commerce website for optimal user experience, facilitating seamless navigation and transactions for both retail and wholesale consumers on a global scale.

We crafted a compelling brand video showcasing B&R's newly defined brand values.

Additionally, we created a wholesale brochure communicating B&R's product range and partnership benefits to potential wholesalers, resonating with the target audience.

q+q successfully delivered a refreshed brand, positioning B&R for future growth. The project was delivered on time and within the set budget. 

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I found quirk+quill to be one of the most professional and efficient companies I have ever worked with.Not only did they grasp the project completaly, they were a breeze to work with, and there is so much knowledge and talent!
 I fully recommend quirk + quill to any business in need of creative services.

I look forward to starting my next project with them.


Miriam Ciantar, Founder & CEO of B&R

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